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History Understood in Its Present


As Democrats continue to advance the cause of statehood for Washington, D.C., it is important to consider arguments in support of, and against, these efforts. Congressional Democrats list nine findings concerning statehood for Washington, D.C. in HR1 (Division A, Part 3- Miscellaneous Provisions, Title II, Subtitle C, Section 2201) Yes, it is as far-reaching a…

The Current State of History Present

Dropping a post to update my status. In my professional life, I provide goods and services that support critical industries (power gen, other utilities, hospital maintenance, etc.) We, like many of you, have been incredibly busy over the last several months. Unfortunately for the blog, the outbreak coincided with my need to re-image History Present.

Trip To Czechia: Telč

In 1550, Zachariáš of Hradec assumed authority over several Czech towns and villages. He was 24 years old. Telč, his inheritance’s leading town, had suffered a fire 20 years earlier. Zachariáš visited Italy in 1551 and brought the renaissance home to Telč. New projects were commissioned that looked to improve the towns appearance and function.…

Expansion and the Mexican- American War in Party Platforms from 1832 to 1848

It is surprising how little attention is given to the idea of expansion in general, and the war with Mexico specifically, in the platforms of American political parties between 1832 and 1848. With Texas, Oregon, Manifest Destiny, and the Mexican War defining the period, I expected to find these subjects being addressed in the party…