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History and present, two concepts that are inexorably linked.  The concept of history, like the concept of future, is never static. We constantly add to history, we constantly move to future. Present, is a most fleeting condition. Experience is present, action is present. Every historic event occurred at a present moment and every now deceased person, experienced their life in a series of present moments. Actions are executed in their present, without prescience of the future.

History, more the craft of history, is an effort to relay past occurrences to a present consumer. Both the historian and the consumer suffer from one inescapable condition, they live in the present. This means that they are privy to the effects of their subject’s past actions. Both are also influenced by present conditions, conditions that were unknown to the historian’s subjects. Personal philosophy often informs one’s historiography more than history informs one’s philosophy. HISTORY PRESENT is my attempt to present history in a way mindful of these considerations.

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