St. Joseph, MI (History)

St Joseph, MI North Pier Lighthouse

Back in June, I made a business trip to St. Joseph, MI. Since I had never been to St. Joseph, I checked it out before I left. What a great little town! There are many things to do, both in St. Joseph, and in the immediate area. The town boasts an Art Museum, a Children’s Museum, a lakefront beach, a beach park, and a vibrant food and drink culture. St. Joseph’s beachfront, restaurant, and shopping area is concentrated in a small area. Everything is easily within walking distance.

After I shared what I had learned, Mrs. Present decided to accompany me. We left a few days early so we could experience the town together. Once I began my work schedule, Mrs. Present was forced to sit on the beach, eat real ice cream, and read books. Poor her! St. Joseph is a town that firmly embraces its history. Placed smartly long the narrow park that rests between Lake Boulevard and the bluff that hangs above Lake Michigan’s shore, are Memorials to area citizens that gave their lives in service.

Law Enforcement Memorial
World War I Memorial
World War II Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Vietnam Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial
Firemen Memorial
Fireman’s Memorial

St. Joseph also remembers its older history. Historic markers and plaques giving audio links dot the town, each telling a story.

Audio links
Audio Link for Fireman’s Memorial
La Salle Marker
Civil War Memorial

St. Joseph also remembers its more pleasant past. Silver Beach once boasted an amusement park.

IMG_0618 (2)

While the amusement park is no longer, portions of the park were preserved.

IMG_0626_LI (2)
Silver Beach Amusement Park Carousel
Carousel Organ
First Flight Over Lake Michigan

This post is not the history of St. Joseph. It is about St. Joseph’s sense of history. As I post about our stay, you will gain a greater sense of how the town has preserved their past.

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13 thoughts on “St. Joseph, MI (History)”

  1. As a lifelong Michigander I’m delighted with this post! St. Joseph is a lovely place. I hope you get to visit some of our other remarkable towns. And thank you for the fantastic pictures.

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    1. Elizabeth, thank you for commenting. I have relatives in the Down-River Detroit area. Growing up I spent some time in Southgate and Wyandotte. We visited many things in SE Michigan. We once spent a week up in Grayling. Very pretty country. I have to say that the west coast of Michigan may now be my favorite. The people in St Jo were great. I will post about the food/ fun soon. Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

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