The Blogger Recognition Award

My deepest gratitude goes to Sarah at thepracticalhistorian for nominating my blog. If you do not follow her, please do. Her writing is both informative and witty. OK, so these are the rules to follow when you accept this award.

1) Write a post to display your award.

2) Give a brief story of how your blog started.

3) Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

4) Thank the person that nominated you and link to his or her blog.

5) Nominate 15 other bloggers.

Addressing in order:


(I know it is simple. Graphic art is not my gig.)

2) History possesses a certain utility. It is possible to create a specific history for a specific use. Historians who create what I call “Purposed History” trouble me. Revision can be like Vendetta, each new action demands a new reaction. It never ends. I want to  write history that presents people in their own time. (The rules demand brevity, so I will  stop here.)

3) I do not believe I am qualified to give advice, (I too, am a new blogger) but…

a) Read, a good bit of critique comes from reading. Reading what others write alway leaves me humbled. If my followers took time to write, I should take time to read.

b) Be respectful. The experiences of others are as important to their being as my experiences are to my being. Do not generalize, and think before you speak.

4) The Practical Historian is, seriously, a great blog! You must check it out.

5) This rule causes considerable grief. As of this writing, I have 138 followers. I want to nominate each of them, but I cannot. Instead, I will bend the rules, offer a third piece of advice, and nominate 17 other bloggers.

c) Bonus advice: If you find a blogger whose writing you enjoy, look at the people who “like” or “comment” on their posts. If you visit my blog, please do so. You will meet great  people.


Pacific Paratrooper

The Critiquing Chemist

Still Current



It Starts with Coffee


The Time Tunnel

Tricia Sankey

Girl and World







Life in Japan

I hope this is the correct way to nominate other blogs? If not, someone please advise through “Contact”

Author: historypresent

History Understood in Its Present

36 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award”

    1. So how does this work HistoryPresent? You or somebody selects one of the 17 people you nominated or everybody who responds wins??? I am a “professional”, meaning that I get paid to write. Does this exclude me? I work for company that does publicity. In addition I supervise other staffers KC Jones, Ancien Hippie and PastaChild.


      1. I honestly do not know, as I am new to blogging. When I was nominated I Googled . I believe the purpose is for exposure, those nominated “win” by being recognized by another blogger. The nominee gains new readers. I did not think about your situation, I enjoy your site. Is there someone new on your staff? Are there blogs they enjoy? I am guessing here. Ignore the rookie?


      2. Thank you History Present. Getting a little clearer. We have a lot of topics we write on because of our varied interests: railroads, ice hockey, upply chain management. The two newer bloggers do a lot of “reblogs”. I reblog a jazz guy who knows a lot about the subject.


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