The More noble..the more humble


Life in Japan

Now it’s the harvest season of rice.

Whenever I saw the rice at the field , it reminds me of this

実るほど 頭をたれる 稲穂かな

It means :

“The heavier the stock of rice, the more its head is lowed.”

“That boughs that bear most hang lowest.”

“The more noble the more humble.”


When some people get thier power or “position” , they just show it off and snobby.. But the true respectable people never like that.

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Author: historypresent

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3 thoughts on “The More noble..the more humble”

  1. Thank you for reblogging 🙂
    It’s quite common expression about ” being modest ” like the ear of rice when it’s harvest… “It’s matured but the head is “lower” like doing “bow ( to show respect to others) , not “being snobby ” ..

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