Cries and Whispers – 1979 Triumph Broadside

If you are interested in automobiles (and I am), this is a great site. Interesting history on a car from my younger days.

Driven To Write

Driven to Write takes aim at Triumph’s putative TR7 successor and gives it both barrels.

Triumph Broadside proposal. Image: Driven to Write 1979 Triumph Broadside proposal. Image: Driven to Write

The Triumph TR7 is one of those unfortunate cars that if it hadn’t suffered from bad luck it would’ve had no luck at all. Created as the former BLMC crashed into bankruptcy and public ownership, its development was bedevilled by financial and regulatory uncertainty. 

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The More noble..the more humble


Life in Japan

Now it’s the harvest season of rice.

Whenever I saw the rice at the field , it reminds me of this

実るほど 頭をたれる 稲穂かな

It means :

“The heavier the stock of rice, the more its head is lowed.”

“That boughs that bear most hang lowest.”

“The more noble the more humble.”


When some people get thier power or “position” , they just show it off and snobby.. But the true respectable people never like that.

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